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Protects furnishings from harmful Ultra-Violet rays
You don't have to cover your windows with ugly shades, eliminating your view of the world outside. Film for residential projects is a totally different film than what goes on cars. Most of it is practically unnoticeable while protecting your valuable furnishings from fading and deterioration from the sun's energy.
Reduces danger when a window breaks
Whether it be to protect yourself from a coastal storm or hurricane, our Team can suggest the right film for you. This aspect of the industry helps you protect yourself from flying glass shards and/or broken windows in the event of a storm. Systems are available also to secure the film to the sill for total protection. Ask us for more information.
Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays
Skin problems are becoming more and more of a mainstream problem. Protect yourself and your family from the negative effects of the sun without blocking your light!
LIFETIME WARRANTY available on all films
This is something that you will likely hear a lot when you are in the shop. When shopping for a film make sure that you are guaranteed this.
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More important information:

  • Tint provides superior heat rejection helping you stay cooler

  • Optical clarity improves your visibility while reducing glare

  • Traps heat in the winter and rejects heat in the summer

  • All major manufacturers and specialty films available
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